Monday, December 15, 2008

Back from Hong Kong & Camp.

At least i'm free before the next project, which is supposed to be Christmas Celebration. I'm back from the 6 days HK Trip and 3 days 3 nights Children Camp. One thing, too many stuffs to pack and tidy up. arghh.

Okay, Hong Kong Trip i try to update in every event or place i went. The main function we went to HK was the OSEAL Forum which actually held the 1st ever Leo Conference for OSEAL.

Opening Ceremony, with PCC Jeffrey Quah and DG Kenneth Saw

We paid for the registration fee. It was grand and succesfully held, i think. We went for only a few forum's events so i dont really know about it. =)

Thousands of LIONS & LEOS proceeded to HK Disneyland after the Opening Ceremony. I was told that only LIONS & LEOS in Disneyland for that day. But went there got so many outsiders. Boo... Anyway, the entrance fee is included in the registration fee.

Arghh, im lazy to write more. Just to say that the trip was diferrent from my past trip to other place. Attending the forum, meeting new friends, travelling, trying new food, staying at the campsite, enjoying part of the HK lifestyle... and of course missing flight. woohooo... Okay, i try to tell more in the next post larh.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

That's my life.

Final Exam's Aftermath
  • Been not updating for ages. Yes, i think a lot might wonder how's my life going on. Okay, here it goes, i ponteng-ed almost everyday after my final exam, stayed at home, watched some series and movies from my sis notebook.
  • My last week of school was just fabulous, though i went for just one and a half day. Gambling was the hottest trend in my school, i didnt join them as i has no interest in gambling. Returned the books, and i dare to say my books are one of the few in best condition since they borrowed us in the start of the year. I only touched history and add maths'. XD
  • I did play a game of badminton during that week with my classmates. Argh, badminton just not my game, so i just went back to school with ZF to judge the afternoon session's interclass handball competition. Thats far better. =)
2008 Year End Holiday
First Week.
  • My holidays kicked off with a superb weekend. 8.00am sharp, we went to SJK (c) Kheng Tian for the preparation of our upcoming Heath Screening Project with CDK in December. Flyers distribution, hung up posters, banners.... We went straight to Mcd's for Anni's meeting. Was late, so i just passed them wat to discuss n i rushed to my dentist appointment. Afternoon went to gurney to check out cam for my sis. Night we whole family went for a dinner and sent sis to airport. Off she went, Orlando. Then, they dropped me at Queens to meet up A5 guys.
Bye, see you in Feb sis!!
  • Damn saturday night, no place to sleep, went Friday's to watch my lovely Man U. Then walked around, ppl started to come for the Penang Bridge International Run. Kapitan (that weird mamak high class restaurant who spilled my friend's drink during my last TWO visits. Kapitan Boleh!!) was lucky to earn my $$ for so many times that night. &*$%@##$!!!!
  • I went for the so called 25KM half marathon. Hello, go and back of the bridge already around 26 larh tolong, and you started off at queens you know. 3am prepared, lengang here and there, 4.30 kicked off. I was happy with my performance till the end of the toll in the mainland. I ran 98% until there. WTH, ppl all stopped by there to pee at the roadside, during the marathon. Reached queens at 7something, and slept there. Then back home, slept whole day.
  • Monday started my one week date with Alvin. We were together everyday until our sat night's Anni. Went prangin, gurney, queens this week. No doubt, was with Alvin all the time. ahahaha. lol.
  • Yes, i was disappointed with them for not helping out in this anni. Only 4 ppl doing job. And thats why we failed our anni celebration, with some commenting it as the worst dinner they'd ever attend. I've been thinking of that problem, I know what I'm doing, I'm trying my best to bring back the club okay.
  • For those who know nothing about our anni, we brought St. Joseph kids to Butterfly Farm, we raised 1k for the autistic children and we celebrated club's birthday in a dinner.
Second week.
  • Wanted to tidy up my room, but failed. Cous n family came for this week, at least i wont be that bored.
  • Almost at home most of the time, texting and fooling with my cousins.
  • Went snake temple with them. Wow, the first time in my 16 years i went there, and they are undergoing renovation. damn. By the way, there were two snakes on the tree though. *Lucky i wasn't get bitten by snakes. woohoo.
  • Sunday morning went to a walkathon with my parents at Air Itam Dam there, cous went back. Afternoon went to mainland to makan at aunt's place.
  • Arghhh, i wasted my whole week doing nothing basically.
Third week.
  • Packed my stuff for my trip.
  • And pity me, no ppl at home these few days and i got nothing to eat. XD
  • So im flying tonight.
They did a great job, even i just replied them once, they kept on updating us about the Leo Conference. Good job, guys. (So you guys know where i'm going)
  • Erm i dont really know my schedule over there though. Basically should be as below, thats what KOK sent me.
  • Okay, only two images for this post. Im way too lazy to update any of is. Might upload them after i come back. Cheers, bye everyone.

3-Dec-08 AK6317 PG-KL

4-Dec-08 AK76 KL-HK

Registration OSEAL

Check in Tung Chung Outdoor Recreation (TCOR)

Lunch at Tai O Fishing Village

Visit Lantau Island- Giant Buddha, Ngong Ping 360, Tung Chung

Back to TCOR and rest

Attend welcome session by HK Leos

5-Dec-08 Visit AsiaWorld-Expo for forum souvenir, bazaar etc

Lunch and Free & Easy

International show @ AsiaWorld-Expo

Opening Ceremony

Fun at Disneyland

Reception at Disneyland Royal Banquet Hall

6-Dec-08 Shopping @ Tung Chung City Gate Outlets 東薈城名店倉

Leo Seminar @ Regal Airport Hotel

Fellowship with HK Leos (The Peak, Lan Kwai Fong and Victoria Harbour at that night tour)

7-Dec-08 Depart to and Check in USA Hostel @ Tsim Sha Tsui

Shopping @ Arglye Center, 柏麗大道

Star Arena @ Tsim Sha Tsui

Shopping @ Shatin New Town Plaza etc

Fellowhip dinner with Kwun Tong 1, HK Leos
Free and Easy to meet friends in HK

8-Dec-08 Disneyland

Shopping @ Tung Chung and Tsing yi

9-Dec-08 Temples visit: 车公庙,黄大仙

Shopping @ Mong Kok (Ladies Street, Tempel Street, Fa Yuen Street etc)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Short Update: The Leo Club of Chung Ling High School is celebrating it's 9th Anniversary this Saturday. Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, 7.00pm, Rm38, 22nd November 08. It is a charity night, funds raised will be donated to LIONS REACH. Besides, we're also organising a trip to the Butterfly Farm for the St. Joseph kids. Support Us!!

Do contact me at, (msn) (email)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Jin.

Yesterday was CLHS Graduation Day, so we forth formers were entitled to a day off from school!! weee~~~ I browsed through my photos and i found that i got a lot of photos i never see before. Or maybe i just forgot already. Gosh, some are weird, some are funny.

Believe me i can fly, Hock Sheng.

I know it's been quite a time since i updated this blog. But hey, not only me right, all form 4 bloggers slow down their posts, thats why it's so boring surfing blogs these days. I seldom update. I got a super good alasan okay, TEE JIN IS HAVING HIS FINALS!!!! (arh as if lorh)

Tee Jin ada wear pants okay.

This is just one of the useless post. Wanted to post something about Ye or other, but i'm lazy. Nono, i'm having my finals!! hahaha. Anyway, just to tell you, this blog will be back active in five days time. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just join us.

Trust me, you may go crazy sometimes when you take over a super busy club, especially for me being so inexperience. Anyhow, i may start to work out to upgrade, or i can say reform the Leo Club of Chung Ling High School next friday. By the way, tonnes of reports yet to submit, letters yet to send to other clubs, and lots of calls to fellow Lions waiting for me to do before i start a change for the club.

Interested in what do Leo Clubs do?? Feel free to visit our club's site by clicking here!!! Managed by our Mr Vice President, Nicholas Chan. There's a lot of activities during the year end holidays. Even me myself, may not be able to attend all!! Check them out at that site.

There's quite a number of joint projects with sister clubs lately.

And thanks Seng for the photos.

Join us, Let's Enjoy Ourselves! -quotes from our past president.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Greenlane's Mcdonald

I went to Greenlane's Mcdonald on the last day of the PMR Examination. Just as last year, they finished their Geography paper around 9something, then woooaaaCrazy they went. A schooling Friday, A working day, let's see how the day was.

8.00am - I reached Penang largest Mcdonald. Not many people. A few working adults stopped by to have breakfast then went to work in a rush. Retirees came in sports suit. I supposed they have just finished their tai-chi session.

9.00am - I had my breakfast, along with Arron and Jiunn. Early morning meetings could be seen too. Few CLHS F3 guys came, marking the end of the 08' PMR.

10.00am - School uniforms could be seen, more and more. CLHS, PFS, PCGHS, GSS, HENG EE, CHUNG HWA..... later on, This big restaurant turned into a school. Hundreds of students. Around 40-50 PFS guys came together, straight went upstairs. Weird.

11.00am - We moved outside as its too noisy in the restaurant. WTH!!! PFS guys ponteng-ed here and sat all around us. Smoking, gambling, vulgaring.... without even ordering a SUNDAE CONE!!!! terrible.

12.00noon - Malays seen flirting around with girls. Indians and some malays seen smoking and gambling. Chineses (Me! Me! Me!) seen looking at their SUCCESS Biology and Form 4 SEj Textbook. *All of them are students.* Every outsiders who walked pass had wierd looking at us. No choice, terrible Education System. Students all ponteng, except those Form3s.

1.00pm - Few of my friends get frustrated as it's really noisy and they're like so so uneducated. I put on Nicholas's iTouch to listen some musics instead of listening those XXXX words. TIAN came to meet us, while being fooled by Anthony. haha

2.00pm - Just when i was thinking that us ChungLing boys were better than them, i saw few of my schoomates far opposite Mcdonald. Yes, them! They've finished school. They came for a lunch?? I don't think so. TIAN was still doing Add Maths beside me (As if!!!)

3.00pm - Answers revealed. They came to gamble. They came to meet up with girls. Ohh, Chung Ling boys!!! Not feeling to study anymore, went upstairs to see how fun were they. TIAN and i went to the playground as well.

4.00pm - Cannot tahan already, went home. I'm relieved i still got only one year left in Malaysia's Education System.

This should be my most serious time with TIAN. I cant really find a serious time with him.

By the way, i just found that i went on a date with Arron the day before this.

I had breakfast, lunch and dinner with him. We spent practically 13hours together. Happy, Arron? muahahaaa.

He taught me something lately, he really concentrate during study. Great.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photos as memories.

1,2,3.. Smile!! Come on, boy.. smileeee.... Argh, they just cant smile. (40 peoples were looking at them though)

Nicholas Chan is tall.

Wahh. 70's Poker player. So not alike. (Chin Lai & Tjun Yee)

Monitors smile more often than prefects. XD
(Dont play with me, Deputy Head of Prefects is my friend okay, saw the photo?!!!) haha. That's C.Siong.

Disagree that monitors smile more often and smile better?? Zhao Wei proves you're wrong. He's on the far right.

Annual Showcase next. Should i go or not?? Argh.

Ya, you need two hands to adjust a heavy chair like this, with a big smile of your face.. Cheers, Jie.

One last School Service Project with the A. group. Say me power abuse, yes, im not going to let Leos to help that guy anymore since he treated me so well.

Chung Ling High School may not have good students, but undeniably it has the best teachers among Malaysia's public high schools.
Top quality. High Standard.
The above guy is of course one of them.

Kar Wai!!! He's funny!! haha. He wrote something nice for our grad mags. Remember to have a look at his side of our 09' grad mag.

Teejin is just so nice to allow people, who was so eager to kiss him, to do things like this in school. See, love is blind. haha