Monday, December 15, 2008

Back from Hong Kong & Camp.

At least i'm free before the next project, which is supposed to be Christmas Celebration. I'm back from the 6 days HK Trip and 3 days 3 nights Children Camp. One thing, too many stuffs to pack and tidy up. arghh.

Okay, Hong Kong Trip i try to update in every event or place i went. The main function we went to HK was the OSEAL Forum which actually held the 1st ever Leo Conference for OSEAL.

Opening Ceremony, with PCC Jeffrey Quah and DG Kenneth Saw

We paid for the registration fee. It was grand and succesfully held, i think. We went for only a few forum's events so i dont really know about it. =)

Thousands of LIONS & LEOS proceeded to HK Disneyland after the Opening Ceremony. I was told that only LIONS & LEOS in Disneyland for that day. But went there got so many outsiders. Boo... Anyway, the entrance fee is included in the registration fee.

Arghh, im lazy to write more. Just to say that the trip was diferrent from my past trip to other place. Attending the forum, meeting new friends, travelling, trying new food, staying at the campsite, enjoying part of the HK lifestyle... and of course missing flight. woohooo... Okay, i try to tell more in the next post larh.

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